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LOCSignal MA Cross With Hi Low Protection. Produces signals on cross of slow and fast Moving Average indicators. With a filter to prevent "piked" false crosses.

LOCSignal Moving Average Cross With Hi Low Protect is an indicator which produces signals for LOCTrader EA. Also indicator can be used for manual trading.
The indicator logic follows the following rules for signals:

Long (Buy) Signal:
1. Fast MA crosses slow MA from bottom to top.
2. Current Price is 25pips or more lower than the highest high of 100 bars.

Short (Sell) Signal:
2. Fast MA crosses slow MA from top to bottom.
2. Current Price is 25pips or higher than the lowest low of 100 bars.

Default Settings:
Slow MA:: Simple moving average (SMA), Period:92, Price: Close
Fast MA: Exponential moving average (EMA), Period:13, Price: Close
Protection: +-25 pips from a pike formed by 100 bars.
Lot Size: Constant. Minimal allowed for the account.

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